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Repeal the Transportation Investment Act of 2010


If passed statewide, the Transportation Investment Act of 2010 or “T-SPLOST” will be a 96% increase in transportation spending.

It is proof the governor and most of our legislators have lost touch with the taxpayers of Georgia. The penalties in the law for not voting ourselves a tax are proof that they want to force us to vote a tax. A TAX THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE COURAGE TO VOTE ON. They know a tax is the wrong thing to do in a recession.

They have been listening to the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, special interest groups and transportation lobbyists who are crying ”the sky is falling and our infrastructure is crumbling.”  Business Facilities, an independent rating company, rates Georgia number 7 in the nation in transportation infrastructure. Seventh is good in a nationwide ranking.

The economy is Georgia’s number one problem. Banks are a good indicator of the general economy and Georgia has led the nation in bank closures since 2007! Georgia has had 73 banks to fail, more than any state in the nation.  According to Weiss Ratings for banks, there NOW are 152 banks rated D or E in Georgia. These are “weak” banks. There are 7 “strong” banks rated A or B in Georgia. It is forecast that as many as 66 banks will face closure this year if the economy doesn’t improve.

Let me assure you, a massive transportation tax will not improve the economy in Georgia. But it will add another level of government at the regional level. It will greatly expand MARTA, and MARTA is costing taxpayers 500 million per year in subsidies. T-SPLOST is redistribution of wealth from rich counties to poor counties. This is simply Marxism “from each county according to its ability – to each county according to its need.”

Governor, let us help you. We need free market solutions, not a new tax and a socialist system of redistributing county wealth. We believe in the American spirit of free enterprise, low taxes and small government. We do not want regional government, more bureaucrats, more taxes and people we didn’t elect spending our money.

This is a bad law at a bad time, it needs to be repealed and the full focus of government needs to be put on restoring our economic infrastructure. Cut taxes, cut spending and eliminate regulations! That is the way to restore our economic infrastructure.

Winston Churchill said; “For a government to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket trying to lift himself up by the handle.”


The Terrible  T-SPLOST Tax:

Georgia law: Transportation Investment Act of 2010, Read the bill here: