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Peach TEA PAC Targets 17 Georgia House Members


Brunswick, GA, March 26, 2012: Peach TEA PAC announces the release of the names of the members of the Georgia House who will be targeted in the Primary and General election. The following members have displayed a willingness to depart from the conservative principles that many Georgians believe are essential to good government.

Amos Amerson 9 Dahlonega
Tommy Benton 31 Jefferson
Jay Powell 171 Camilla
Mickey Channel 116 Greensboro
Chuck Sims 169 Ambrose
Sharon Cooper 41 Marietta
Kip Smith 121 Columbus
Harry Geisinger 48 Roswell
Richard Smith 131 Columbus
Mike Jacobs 80 Atlanta
Ron Stephens 164 Savannah
Rusty Kidd 141 Milledgeville
Tom Taylor 79 Dunwoody
Judy Manning 32 Marietta
Joe Wilkinson 52 Atlanta
Don Parson 42 Marietta
Wendell Willard 49 Sandy Springs

For a detailed explanation of why these elected officials have been singled out along with a detailed tracking report of where they stand in relation to the five issues important to conservative voters, go to and click on the PAC.